How can I help?

How do I donate?

The Vermillion Community has been so generous to the Food Pantry over the years.  This Pantry is a self-supporting operation, as we receive no government funding. 
None of the 80 persons working at the Pantry receive salaries.  ALL donated funds go into replacing food on the shelves.  Checks may be sent to Vermillion Community Food Pantry @ 816 E. Clark St, Vermillion, SD  57069.  (PS we are a Tax Deductible Charity)

If you have canned food items or frozen meat to donate, please call 624-4442 and Director Berglin will call you back regarding the days and hours we are open.

How do I give food?

Foods the Pantry Needs for Fall:

Motel size shampoos
Jelly/Jam - 18 ozs
Cold Cereals
Muffin/Cake Mixes
Chunky Soups
Scalloped Potatoes
Canned Chicken 4 oz.
Fruit Juices
Spaghetti Sauces
Mac N Cheese box dinners
Package Hand Soaps -Bath Sized
Peanut Butter
Soda Crackers - 4 packs
Chili & Chili Beans
Tomato Soup
Rice - dry white 1#
Rice Meal Packages
Hand Lotions, and Conditioners
Toothpaste - Family Size
Pancake Mixes - 6 or 32 oz.
Jell-O/Pudding Mixes
Pork N Beans -Lg Sizes
Vegetable Soups
Spaghetti Noodles -1 & 2 #
Beef Stews - for family
Diapers - Larger Sizes
3, 4, 5, and 6 Sizes
Shampoos - 8 ozs

How do I volunteer?

We love adding volunteers!  Right now we are looking for help on Thursdays.  If this is a time slot that would work for you once a month, give me a call.  ALL volunteers need a training session of about 40 minutes before being scheduled to work with another seasoned volunteer.

USD STUNDENTS - Please Call Mary Baer @ 605-940-0961 or Call TLChurch @ 624-4442
COMMUNITY  RESIDENTS - Please Call Vikki Fix @ 605-677-9041 and leave a message.
LARGE FOOD DONATIONS - Please Call Linda Wymar @ 605-677-9830